D J and Mary Anne's Cup

Open Mixed Triples

Saturday 5 March 2022

8 Ends or ONE hour

After 52 minutes you will be advised one more legal jack.

Each Game scores ONE Shot First End


First Round Second Roiund Quarter Final Semi Final 5pm Final 6pm Winners
A D MacDonald          
C1 at 9am David Gordon        
David Gordon          
  C2 at 11am D Gordon      
Ronnie Hughes          
C1 at 10am Ronnie Hughes        
K Ross          
    C1 at 3pm R Fraser    
John Meharry  Scr          
C3 at 10am Russell Fraser        
Russel Fraser  W/O          
  C2 at Noon R Fraser      
Mike Murray - W/O          
C1 at 10am Mike Murray        
Jock MacLean - Scr       Carolyn Wilson  
      C2 at 5pm Mike  
G Sutherland       R Fraser  
C1 at 11am G Sutherland        
G Pearson          
  C2 at 2pm G Sutherland      
Wm Ganson          
C1 at 12 Wm Ganson        
C MacKinnon          
    C1 at 4pm G Sutherland    
  Fiona Graham        
  C2 at 1pm Steve Taylor      
  Steve Taylor        
          F MacDonald
        C1 at 6.30pm I MacLeod
          W Corbet
  Alex Bowman        
  C1 at Noon A Bowman      
  G Farquhar        
    C2 at 4pm Denis Eddie    
  Denis Eddie        
  C1 at 2pm Denis Eddie      
S MacKenzie          
C2 at Noon R Gillies        
R Gillies       F MacDonald  
      C1 at 5pm I MacLeod  
N Malan       W Corbet  
C2 at 11am G Raffetry        
G Rafferty          
  C1 at 1pm G Rafferty      
Kate Brown          
C2 at 10am M McRitchie        
M McRitchie          
    C2 at 3pm W Corbet    
M Donaldson          
C2 at 10am John Smith        
John Smith          
  C1 at 11am W Corbett      
M McLaughlin          
C2 at 9am W Corbett        
Wilson Corbett          

Games Played at Fraser Park shown in Green

Games Played at Strathnairn (Daviot Village Hall) shown in Yellow

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