Cameron Trophy

Short Carpet Singles

Tuesday 11, Thursday 13, Tuesday 18 and Thursday 20 January (Evening Games - 7pm & 8pm)

15 Ends scoring ONE Shot First End

Club Members playing on Thursday 13 January

to mark games on Tuesday 11 January 

thereafter each loser to mark


First Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
Tuesday 11 Thursday 13 Tuesday 18 Thursday 20  
Alex Bowman        
C2 @ 7pm Alex Bowman      
Helen MacKay        
  C1 @ 8pm Alex Bowman    
Jock MacLean        
C2 @ 8pm Willie Ganson      
Willie Ganson        
    C2 @ 7pm Alex Bowman  
vs Davy Nairn      
  C1 @ 7pm Davy Nairn    
vs Sheila Murray      
      C1 @ 7pm A D MacDonald
vs S T Mitchell      
  C2 @ 7pm S T Mitchell    
vs Kay Ross      
    C1 @7pm A D MacDonald  
vs A D MacDonald      
  C2 @ 8pm A D MacDonald    
Anne Reid        
vs  C1 7pm Anne Reid      
Alison Wylie        


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